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Bek Smith Photography

Bek Smith Photography, based in Auckland, New Zealand, is renowned for creating natural, light-drenched photographs with a timeless beauty. Specialising in capturing the soulful, intimate moments and genuine emotions of your wedding day, Bek’s images are designed to evoke the feelings of anticipation, joy, excitement, and love shared between couples. Her expertise in fashion photography adds an extra layer of sophistication to her work, evident in her compositions and adept use of natural light.

Bek captures the poetic motion of a dress caught in a soft breeze, ensuring that no detail is overlooked. Her photography not only documents the significant moments but also the exquisite details and personal touches that paint the story of your special day, creating magic that lives on forever in every frame. Her service is available worldwide, offering couples the opportunity to have their most cherished moments captured with artistic elegance and emotional depth.

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