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At Romantic Reels, David’s aspiration is simple yet profound: to be recognised among New Zealand’s elite wedding filmmakers, turning your nuptial vows into cinematic vows. With a fusion of artistic flair and narrative dexterity, David approaches each wedding as a blank canvas, awaiting a love story to be tenderly painted upon.

Your cherished day is transmuted into a cinematic sojourn, encapsulating every tender emotion and every joyous moment, crafted with a meticulous eye that misses no heartbeat of love.

Opting for Romantic Reels means entrusting your love chronicle to a maestro who honours your moments with the reverence and creativity they richly deserve. With David, your wedding isn’t just recorded; it’s immortalised into a timeless narrative, an ode to your love, a visual heritage to be cherished through the annals of time.

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