Unison - Robyn Riddle

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Unison - Robyn Riddle

Robyn Riddle of Unison focuses on creating ceremonies that authentically represent her clients’ personalities and desires. Her approach is warm, friendly, and infused with a good sense of humour, ensuring ceremonies are both personal and meaningful.

Having lived in New Zealand for 17 years after emigrating from South Africa, Robyn is particularly sensitive to cultural differences, making her adept at designing ceremonies that respect and celebrate diverse cultural backgrounds. She emphasises a service that is both warm and inclusive, yet maintains a high level of professionalism.

Robyn’s services cater to a variety of significant life events, including weddings and memorial services. Her aim is to work closely with clients to ensure each ceremony not only fulfils legal obligations but also resonates on a personal level, truly reflecting the beliefs and values of those involved.

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