Wanaka Helicopters

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Wanaka Helicopters

Wanaka Helicopters offers a unique and breathtaking way to celebrate your special day in the stunning Wanaka area. Ideal for mountaintop ceremonies or romantic proposals, they add a touch of high-altitude magic to any celebration.

Escape the hustle of your wedding day and experience the serene beauty of Wanaka from above. Their exclusive mountain landing spots provide a spectacular backdrop for unforgettable photos. Whether you choose to have your entire wedding ceremony amidst the majestic peaks or sneak away for a private photo session, the scenery promises to be extraordinary.

Their range of packages caters to various preferences, including the popular Coromandel Peak on the Mt. Roy Range or the enchanting experience of a glacier landing for a ‘winter wonderland’ theme. Each package is designed to create lifelong memories and showcase the region’s breathtaking beauty.

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