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Sandy and Peter have often chauffeured loved ones in their classic cars for weddings. Now, they’re opening their services to the public with “I Do Car Hire” for weddings, school balls, or scenic drives.

They boast a collection of vintage cars, with plans to expand based on demand. They’re even considering adding classic bikes and boats to their offerings.

Service Overview:

  • Arrive early for photos
  • Provide separate vehicles for both the bride’s and groom’s parties
  • Drive you to the ceremony and photo locations before heading to the reception
  • Dress in attire befitting the occasion
  • This typically fits within a 4-hour window (their standard rate), but extended hours are available.


They offer tailored add-ons, like picnic setups or access to their picturesque property for photos, complete with a lake, beach, and waterfalls. Sandy and Peter always strive to make your day exceptional.

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