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Experience the joy of timeless memories with Kombibooth, your ultimate photobooth adventure. Step into our classic Kombi, don an array of whimsical props, and get ready to capture the fun. With just the press of a button, enjoy a sequence of four photos taken four seconds apart, instantly printed as charming, old-school photo strips.

These delightful keepsakes are perfect for adorning your fridge or tucking into your wallet, ensuring the laughter and smiles of your special day are cherished for years to come.

Planning your event in the Wellington region? Kombibooth has you covered. Clementine, our photogenic Kombi, is ready to roll out for your celebration, be it in Wairarapa, Kapiti Coast, or even further afield. To secure Kombibooth for your event, simply reach out to us. We’ll provide you with a price list, confirm our availability for your date, and help you add that extra spark of fun to your gathering!

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