Infinite Moments 360 Booth

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Infinite Moments 360 Booth

Elevate your wedding celebration with the Infinite Moments 360 Booth, the must-have 360-degree photo booth that captures every angle of your special day. This immersive and interactive experience allows guests to create and instantly share memorable video clips, ensuring your wedding stands out.

Experience the Fun

  1. Prepare: Step onto the platform and strike a pose or show off your dance moves as a newlywed couple or with your guests.
  2. Record: As the booth spins around you for 8–10 seconds, it captures a slow-motion video that highlights the joy and excitement of your celebration.
  3. Share: Instantly receive your 20-second video clip at our sharing station and upload it to your social media to relive the moments and share them with loved ones.

Perfect for adding a unique touch to your wedding, our 360 photo booth provides not just entertainment but lasting memories that you and your guests can cherish. The Infinite Moments 360 Booth is here to capture every laugh, dance and lasting moment.

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