GoParty Photo Booths

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GoParty Photo Booths

GoParty Photo Booths introduces an exciting 360-degree video booth, perfect for adding a unique and interactive element to weddings. This innovative booth captures sweet couple moments or fun times with guests through an immersive video experience. Users stand on a podium while a camera, mounted on a secure beam, rotates around them, creating a slow-motion, choreographed video.

This 360 Video Booth stands out with its fast processing power, quickly compressing and transferring high-quality videos, complete with sound and custom branding, to a sharing station at the event. It’s an excellent way to capture slow-motion action footage, providing a memorable and dynamic way for you and your guests to remember the special day. As New Zealand’s original 360 Video Booth, it offers a unique experience for capturing the excitement and joy of weddings and other celebrations.

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