Bernie Caravan Bar

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Bernie Caravan Bar

Meet Bernie, the whimsical, art-deco-infused, and slightly Scandi, mint-hued #manvan. He’s more than just a caravan bar—he’s a Queenstown icon known for his enchanting southern hospitality. His chic aesthetics, delightful brews, and vibe-setting tunes make him the heartthrob of every gathering.

What sets Bernie apart?

His love for cold keg beer, crisp tunes, and the ability to light up your party off-the-grid. With a superior sound system and ethereal festoon lighting, Bernie crafts an ambience of warmth and cheer wherever he parks.

Whether fully staffed or dry-hired, Bernie adapts to your event needs, making him a perfect companion for engagement parties, wedding receptions, birthdays, product launches, and more. His mobility ensures he’s game for countryside digs, backyard bashes, or urban shindigs.

With Bernie, every event transforms into a memory etched with laughter, good music, and the sweet taste of celebration. Hire Bernie, and let the good times roll anywhere, anytime!

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