Blank Canvas Catering

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Blank Canvas Catering

Blank Canvas Catering is renowned in the North Island of New Zealand for its commitment to excellence in catering, particularly for weddings. They stand out for personalising each event, ensuring their culinary services align with their clients’ visions. This approach involves starting from scratch for every event, with meticulous planning and guidance offered throughout the process.

Their emphasis on creative and innovative food styling is matched by their dedication to taste, using premium ingredients like Ora King Salmon and Bostock Organic Chicken and focusing on local, seasonal produce.

On the event day, their team excels in seamless execution, characterised by warmth, professionalism, and attentiveness, ensuring guests feel special and hosts feel relaxed. Blank Canvas limits the number of events they cater each year to maintain their high standards, which, coupled with their exceptional cuisine and service, distinguishes them in the catering industry.

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