Amaranto Food Truck

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Amaranto Food Truck

Amaranto Weddings specialises in authentic Italian cuisine, featuring dishes from Piemonte, Marche, and Campania made with organic and free-range ingredients. Their unique offering includes a completely gluten-free menu, catering to various dietary preferences. Operating from a vintage caravan, Amaranto provides a flexible catering experience, cooking pasta on-site to ensure freshness. This mobile setup enables them to cater at various locations, as long as there’s sufficient flat space for their caravan.

They offer diverse dining styles, from traditional Italian long lunches with multiple courses to a casual food truck approach with Italian street food. Services include sit-down meals with sharing platters, food truck-style service, an antipasto table, and desserts, accommodating different event styles. Amaranto is available for events between Auckland and Whangarei, bringing an Italian culinary experience to weddings and other special occasions.

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